Start a brief

Let us know a little about your organisation, Mission, vision, capabilities
Here are 4 things that make a great challenge: 1 - The challenge is something real that the team needs to deliver. 2 - It’s stated in a way that sounds inspiring - something to solve for. 3 - It’s clear and concise. 4 - It includes a time frame (next quarter? 3 years from now?) Example: Redesign the future of self-driving cars as a service, focusing on two future milestones: 2014 and 2016.
For example, here is one written quickly for SameSpeak: “FOR [non-English speakers] WHO [want to learn conversational English], WE PROVIDE [an easy way to connect to native English speakers via the internet], THAT [ensures an authentic conversational experience]. UNLIKE OTHER [English language websites], WHO [offer impersonal lessons], [Samespeak] WILL [connect students with real people] THAT [will make for a more flexible and friendly learning experience].”
What stands in your way?
Has our team demonstrated any wins or learnings in your space already?
i.e. launch of the product, printed material going out on certain dates, deadlines that are non-negotiable
CRM systems, databases, accounting software, etc...
Try to avoid design by committee, explain that the less stakeholders involved the better results can be
Brand guidelines or Marketing strategy to help us understand your values and tone of voice?
If so, please provide details.
Measures of success can be based on statistical data (Google analytics, sales stats, conversion rates, signups) or more subjective things like product/business model validation, customer satisfaction can be done by conducting user surveys before and after a project
If so, please provide information about length and type of support you need to sustain this new solution
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