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How might we turn a digital business into a customer centric organisation, build internal innovation capability and design the best digital customer experience, faster?


The opportunity

Use an ethnographic inquiry, Google Design Sprints and Design Thinking approach aiming to understand the relationship between borrowers and the process of borrowing money

What our BasicsXD team did
Visual Thinking Harmoney summary


Harmoney workshop #1

Unlocking the problem between people and money.

Anthropological research helped us go beyond screens and back to basics. We reached 65  borrowers to understand how people interact with money, before they become customers. So they are understood from the moment they show up.

Key outcomes
  • Interviewed 65 in-depth customers
  • interviewed and assisted 20 applications
  • Identified 5 main segments, their needs, and pain points.
  • 4 detailed customer journey maps
  • Identified 28 opportunities for customer experience improvements

Sometimes, we needed collaboration.

Design Sprints using Design thinking was great to rapidly unlock new ideas,

Key outcomes
  • Team integration and collaboration
  • 3 Google Design Sprints
  • 6 weeks with deep Design Thinking workshops
  • 4 rapid prototypes to discuss
  • Awesome marketing collaboration to reach “non-customers”
  • C-level engaged with customer interviews – how good is this!

Redesigning the online experience.

Up to 80% of automation was required by Harmoney, but humanise the online experience was critical for customers.

Key outcomes
  • Defined 69 features opportunities to improve Borrowers instance.
  • 13 key user requirements.
  • Mobile-first User Experience approach.
  • Created 3 prototypes and 27 iterations.
  • New Design System framework for Interaction design assets .
  • Conducted 18 remote testing activities validating new features and opportunities.

Gaining clarification with Visual Thinking.

Imagine a new UX team growing from 1 to 3 designers, leading the customer voice, automation and customer’s performance purely through a more humanised and personalised online design process.

Key outcomes
  • Full online process User Interaction designed.
  • 1 full size Service Design & XD blueprint map.
  • 3 Visual tools to activate the new user experience vision; UX framework, CX map, Product Design framework.
  • Updated user centred eDM framework.
  • Redefined product design cycles/processes.
  • Increased XD and UX capability through improved systems.

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