Helping organisations survive & thrive in today’s exponential world is an education and learning platform for small to big sized business. Developed by BASICS former CEO and XD Strategist Pablo Dunovits and John Pennington, and its toolkit brings digital planning tools to accelerate digital readiness, identify opportunities and a plan for digital success.
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  • Gain a better understanding of digital.
  • What digital means for your business?
  • What digital means for your customers?
  • Evaluate future digital opportunities by yourself.
  • Get started on impactful digital initiatives.
  • Master the tools and techniques to track your progress.
  • Keep advising with free supplementary course resources.

Companies that attended the Workshop and use the toolkit have found that the success rate for their digital vision & projects improves 5X, mainly because in their journey they set the basics and learn how to fill the gaps to become a digital business.

“It’s a simple and practical tool, and Pablo was an inspiring thought leader who constantly challenged the existing status quo within our business – for the betterment and improvement of all things digital.”

Brian Lyall
Leading Experience Designer at Westpac

How does it works

The course and toolkit is an insanely simple and visual tool that breaks down how you plan your digital transformation.

– Gather a group of leaders and use the cards to help you get an overview and work together in meetings & workshops. Cards help uncover the heart of the issue at hand, these cards and exercises give you and your group an interactive way to start conversations and gain alignment. It will take approx. between 2 to 5 hours to go through all 3 steps in the deck and complete the 2 canvases, with a team of eight leaders or a team of eight employees (aka your people).

– You can also book an online (or off-line) one day workshop, during which we will guide you step-by-step to complete five ‘canvases’ – templated documents to capture your business digital score and plan for a plan to accelerate your digital transformation.

– Can be complemented by co-design workshops and consulting to help you implement change.

Discover the essential components of the toolkit

Now available to use with your teams in a card deck!

Use the cards to help you get an overview and work together in meetings & workshops. Basics Digital Maturity Assessment Cards help uncover the heart of the issue at hand, these cards and exercises give you and your group an interactive way to start conversations.

This tool works best when you have multiple decks to use with your team. Learn more about how to use the cards below


  • 65 Cards
  • 4 Main digital modules (The Basics, Digital Experience, e-Business, Future state)
  • 8 digital components (Strategy and leadership, Organisation and talent, Customer engagement, Marketing automation, Products and services, Digital operations, Culture of innovation, R&D capabilities)
  • 6 Business Drivers (Culture, People, Technology, Metrics, Business, Vendors/suppliers )
  • 18 Disruption Cards
  • 1 instruction guide
  • 3 games

The Digital Maturity assessment

The Digital Maturity Assessment is the core of the methodology; it contains the overall platform’s information to clarify your digital maturity status, and the type of digital business you hope to achieve. Its score and information enables you to focus your subsequent innovation and strategy efforts, and provides your team with alignment and guidance.

Is software agnostic so you can be focused on what matters; your customers first.

Digital ambition matrix


Templates and canvases to get stakeholder alignment, visualise your digital and customer opportunities, strategy, and much more.

These simple templates/activities make it easier to self-discovery and define your digital and innovation roadmap. It’s about you and your organisation, the content within the templates will clarify your digital complexity.

Discover the essential components of the Toolkit

  1. Ice-breaker game
  2. Digital maturity assessment
  3. Digital performance portrait
  4. Digital gap analysis
  5. Digital ambition matrix
  6. Future digital stage template



The Digital Maturity Assessment is the core of the methodology; it contains the overall platform’s information to clarify your digital maturity status, and the type of digital business you hope to achieve. It enables you to focus your subsequent innovation and strategy efforts and provides your team with alignment and guidance.


The Digital Performance Portrait can be used effectively after scoring your organisation and as an extension to better visualise – and investigate – the intrinsic status and gaps in the Digital Maturity Assessment. Becoming a digital business requires informed leaders who can create – and communicate – a strategy using evidence, lead teams to work in different ways, educate themselves and their peers on how to approach challenges, understand your customer using data-driven decision making and create constant cycles of agile, focused innovation.



Sharing your progress and getting feedback is an important step in your digital journey. The Digital Culture Alignment Report is thought to help you analyse your current digital stage, go inside your organisation and digital alignment phase, it’s designed to display gaps between stakeholder alignment, gain insights and deep analysis of key business drivers that constitute your organisation’s digital culture.


The Digital Ambition Matrix is designed to help you get clarity about where your business sits in the digital maturity journey, we’ve identified 3 maturity stages (Modernise, Transform, Innovate) that will help you understand what’s your digital future state, and where would you like to be by embracing new digital and culture changes. Each company’s maturity is different and determines and distribute its progress toward Digital Maturity. It’s a fun game and supported by the PST method (Pioneers, Settles and Town Planners) to understand what shape of team structure you should consider.



The Future Digital Plan Canvas works before we jump into solutions, since we need to plan the plan, and mainly get everyone aligned with a clear vision about your digital business with a clear roadmap. To start the Activation Plan, and get clarity on the distance between your Current State and Future State, it starts with your end digital goal in mind, by defining your future vision in first place. Then highlight some barriers to change that could be stopping you from activating your digital vision.

Digital maturity matrix

Activities & user guide

Detailed descriptions of co-design activities to support the implementation of the Digital Road Mapping Workshop in your organisation.

DMM User guide

Why do design-led businesses win?

Your customers, your products, your business operations, and your competitors are fundamentally digital. To win in this new world, leaders must reinvent their businesses as fundamentally digital. Do this, and you can become a digital predator; fail, and your business will become digital prey. This interactive workshop measures your digital maturity and gives you a road map to accelerate your strategy.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a blueprint for success or knowing where to start at least? That’s why we created a new methodology and a toolkit, to help you plan your future digital state.

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In the next 2-5 years, digital transformation and customer experience will become a must, and change the way we work and overtake how customers consume products – if it isn’t already. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a blueprint for success or knowing where to start at least? That’s why we created a new methodology and a toolkit to plan your future digital state.

To ride the wave, your business needs to get ready now:

  • Businesses who truly understand digital isn’t just about technology but provide deliberate, positive customer experiences are on average 60% more profitable than those who don’t.
  • Customers who experience your business positively, and cohesively through online/off-line channels spend on average 140% more than those who don’t.
  • Organisations that just do digital are missing the opportunity to reach/transform/engage customers 24/7 by automating marketing and customer efforts.
  • Negative experiences spread wider and faster than good ones. A single bad experience takes 12 good experiences to make up for them.
  • Lost customers mean lost market share. 9 out of 10 customers switch providers because of poor service and lack of digital maturity to add value.
  • Lost Customers mean lost sales and revenue. 6 out of 10 customers top using a brand because of their poor customer experience, even if they like the product.
  • “Digital businesses” process data and gain insights 65% faster than those who’s “just doing digital”. Moving from a command-and-control organisational structure to a networked organisational structure. The stats make a customer focus more urgent and aligned with innovative changes, especially for small and medium businesses.

Who is
it for?

Consultants that help clients design innovations, digital strategy or experience design, digital entrepreneurs that aim to achieve scalable impact through digital and customer centricity.

Organisations who’re stuck with digital complexity or in-house innovation. Corporate entrepreneurs that want to embrace technology and conquer markets and design better organisations. Startup founders that aim at disrupting incumbents with exponential growth.

Anyone wanting to understand how platforms work and drive digital & cultural change. 

Sign up for a free trial is in prototype mode – which means that if you are a small company or corporate we have a demo version of the product available for free, in exchange for feedback about how you’ll find the process, tools and what can be improved.

If you are interested in the course, and you need help to assess and design your future digital business please leave your details below and we’ll get back to you. Each workshop can accommodate 10 individuals from either the same or different businesses.

About Pablo

Pablo Dunovits

Pablo Dunovits is the founder and CEO of the digital innovation consultancy BASICS. He is the pioneer of Digital Business Platform and forward thinker.

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Basics Digital welcomes the sharing of our methodology designed by Pablo Dunovits. This work is created under a Creative Commons license, not to be altered or used for commercial purposes.

The Digital Business Road Map and Toolkit inspired by Deloitte’s Digital Maturity Assessment, XPlane Barriers of Change and The Art of Innovation, is optimised for the Digital Business methodology with a big emphasis on design digital culture and finding customer problems worth solving.